FG Reinsurance Ltd

Conservative Capital Allocation Philosophy to Drive Value

FG Reinsurance Ltd (FGRe) is a Cayman Island Class B (iii) Insurer focused on opportunistic collateralized and loss capped reinsurance with a conservative capital allocation philosophy to drive value. FGRe uses sophisticated reinsurance transactions to access portfolios of property and casualty insurance risks from cedants with successful track records.

Our Platform

Focus on reinsurance contracts with unique risk/reward characteristics
Capital allocation mindset enables us to be patient
Risk management through experienced underwriting of collateralized and loss capped reinsurance
Complementary to FG SPAC Platform

Our Companies

01 FGRe Solutions Ltd

Canon’s Court
22 Victoria St
Hamilton HM1179

02 FG Reinsurance Ltd

Regatta Office Park
Leeward 1, Suite 200
Grand Cayman KY1-1002

FG Reinsurance Platform


Thomas C Heise
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining FG Reinsurance Ltd, Mr. Heise served as Director and Chief Executive Officer of Insurance Income Strategies Ltd., a Bermuda based reinsurance holding corporation, and as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of its wholly owned subsidiary IIS Re (Cayman), Ltd., a Cayman Islands corporation operating as Class C insurer. Mr. Heise also serves as the Non-Executive Director for Akinova (Bermuda) Ltd., a digital risk trading insurtech start-up promising a digital platform for trading insurance and reinsurance risks.

Mr. Heise co-founded and was CEO of the Bermuda Commodities Exchange (BCOE) and Clearing House, 25 years ago, whose products are the basis for the insurance linked securities market. Mr. Heise also worked with Guy Carpenter to create the index that the products were based upon. Mr. Heise was an author of the rules and regulations of the BCOE, which included the Bermuda Monetary Authority as the regulator of the BCOE in 1995. Mr. Heise has previously served as the President of BlueGreen Re, a Bermuda reinsurer, a Director Horseshoe Management (Ireland) Ltd, and as President of RedRidge Capital Advisors. Mr. Heise is also an experienced, global executive with general management and entrepreneurial experience in international, domestic, public and private insurance and financial services companies, including living overseas with total responsibility for the operations of a start-up and a subsidiary of a Fortune 100 company. Mr. Heise is experienced in start-up and turn around environments with extensive knowledge in new product development, financial, legal, and regulatory matters. Mr. Heise served as the VP of Mergers and Acquisitions at Near North National Group. Then, Mr. Heise was the Director of Reinsurance & Financial Planning for American International Group, Inc. He was a registered person with FINRA and the Central Bank of Ireland.

Underwriting Team

FGRe works very closely with Pontus Services, LLC. The principals of Pontus each have over 30 years of successful industry experience. Please refer to their website for more information.

D&O Liability Opportunity

Representative of how the team evaluates capital location opportunities

  • Disruption in SPAC D&O insurance market has created opportunity
  • Potential in small-cap and micro-cap company D&O insurance
  • Risk-Assuming Entity being formed and licensed
  • Reinsurance risk looks compelling
  • Leverages our understanding of SPACs
  • Evaluating capital commitment